Zack Pratt & Keshia thanephonesy

CO-Founder/ Owner

My passion is serving delicious authentic dishes, and giving back to our community. It’s what drives me every single day.
— Zach Pratt

At the age of 16, Zach Pratt entered into the Lewiston Regional Technical Center – Green Ladle Culinary Program. His dream was evident from the beginning when he first met Chef Dan Caron. Chef Dan believed in Zach’s aspirations for a life-long career in the food industry. Zach extended his engagement with the program by volunteering his time in support of catering community gatherings and fundraising events hosted at the Green Ladle Culinary Center. 

After graduation in 2010, he found his first job as a sous chef at the Turner Highlands Country Club where he met his first chef mentor Gard Briggs from Auburn. Gard continues to guide Zach with the heart of a teacher. 

Keshia, Zach’s life partner, introduced him to a new experience in food culture and flavors he had never experienced before. Keshia and Zach are committed to presenting extraordinary and unique fusion cuisine based upon a blend of family origins from Southeast Asia to Franco American roots. The blend of Zach’s French heritage and Keshia’s Asian heritage created the selection of flavors which have become the boba brand. Keshia and Zach were one of the first restaurants to introduce entosense in one of their pop-ups at bao bao dumpling house. With hundreds of dishes served, the response was wonderful. A lot of people remarked that they had tried an insect or two before, but had never really tasted them. These dishes brought the flavor out giving each dish a new and exotic character with edible insects!

Creating boba in April 2015 with an emphasis on community, family and love of food, he is a culinarian to his core and possesses a deep sense of hospitality and passion for his customers. He wears love for his community on his sleeve. The restaurant originated in a small room located within a gas station which included a counter, five stools and a grille. Within 7months, fans of boba’s delicacies were standing shoulder-to-shoulder for a glimpse of boba and the experience of overwhelming aromas and flavors of freshly made Pho, Dumplings and Bubble Tea.